Policentric is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan organization. Be part of the change, let’s Revolutionize Democratic Participation.


Policentric was founded in 2016


Policentric is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit, a nonpartisan organization, founded solely to provide constituents with the technological tools they need to keep their elected officials accountable. We strive to offer a seamless platform for our users to be actively engaged in government through a grassroots approach to policy accountability. We believe that politics is more efficient when it’s simple, more transparent when the input and the output are observed clearly, and profound when people have a voice in policy decisions impacting them.

Our goal is to collaborate with civic developers, journalists and active citizens, domestically and internationally, to bridge the information gap in modern politics. We aim to streamline and strengthen civic engagement through clear data outputs that are easily observable to our users – providing simple, but impactful, tools that help constituents analyze the political climate in their respective area and have a means for gauging political efficacy of their elected officials. Our ultimate goal is to provide an enjoyable and user-friendly platform that allows for anyone, regardless of their background, to be an avid participant in modern government.

Be part of the change, let’s Revolutionize Democratic Participation.